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  • Set of 4 Hanging Crystal Ball Sun Catcher- Positive Energy And Good Luck ( Pre Energized in Rock Salt) 40 mm Rainbow Prism
  • Place in the West or Northwest to activate wealth Place in the Southwest for love, romance and relationships
  • Hang in a long hallway or any place where the energy feels trapped Place in a window to reflect light and to bring in a positive flow of energy.
  • Place below beams to counter negative energies
  • These Hanging Crystal balls can be used as attractive wall hangings for your room, home and office
Round, faceted crystal balls are one of Feng Shui''s great cures for the adjustment of Ch''i. Hang in a car or in the house to energize an area or to energetically expand an area that is cramped and uncomfortable. They are also used to redirect bad chi or ""shar"" caused by sharp corners, overhead beams and poison arrows.Crystal ball is a source of light, energy and knowledge of all kinds, including those that are intuitive and relates to heart and soul. It is finely cut, multi-textured, radiating and shining rounded ball of crystal stone glass with a flat base to hold it. It can synthesize, analyze and reflect light, energy and its mysteries. It has a great reputation to boost your luck, chances, hunch, instinct, gut feeling and foresight to save you from all ills and to move ahead with ease to achieve success, fame, fortune, wealth, peace and prosperity.

Set of 4 Hanging Crystal Ball Sun Catcher Pre Energized in Rock Salt 40 mm Rainbow Prism B0776TFX2R

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