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  • Sturdy, Delicately Decorated climbing aids
  • 0.20 inch (5 mm), 0.24 Inch (6 mm), 0.31 inch (8 mm) and 0.04 inch (1 mm) strong Volleisen
  • Easy self assembly
  • Hot-Dip Galvanised, quality black finish
You think on historical park systems, where used traditional separate rose garden for pleasure convert einlud, with a a from climbing roses Bekränzten Door Stylish Entree. Give yourself this unique emotion, thanks to the arch of sumptuous flowers to schreiten: with the rose arch Vivian. This rose arch Vivian has a classic shape, with two sturdy climbing aid on both the left and right and a verbindenden bow decorated, top opening with two beautiful fleurs De Lis, the famous memory stylised lily of the valley, the one up today to the French monarchy. Classic is also the materials: solid solid iron, Feuerzinkt and painted black. Even the screws are hot-dip galvanised, weather- and not rust. Rose Arch Vivian: it not only suitable for roses be do not necessarily need to climbing roses to secure the rose arch Vivian Beranken. Depending on location and type your garden areas, it can also be Clematis or honeysuckle in no time at all with its long vines and beautiful blossom of compost. This is have a look at the chosen location for the rose arch Vivian A extremely Woodland shady Cookie Box Don't Panic, you can leaf it Hochwachsen. Then, the arch may not be in full bloom in the summer, but even in the winter Great when worn with its evergreen formal dress. Ideal position for the rose arch Vivian adjust the rose arch Vivian best, an amazing invention that literally finds, where you want to go without two garden sections Optical, for example the front from the classic living garden on the back of the house. You can use the rose arch Vivian but also a path or eye on axle highlighting, their end maybe a garden bench or a sculpture the appearance of catches. The rose arch Vivian opens up you possibilities of garden let yourself be inspired.

Dehner Garden Vivian Black Approximately 253 x 34 x 100 CM Lacquered Finish Hot Dip Galvanised B00VE20VFW

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